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Our Story


   Warisco Consulting Services is a specialty firm that focuses on quality management systems (QMS), food safety management systems, food defense assessment, food fraud assessment and food hygiene pre-requisite programs.We are also strong on Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI’s) Global Markets Programme. Warisco’s business model was conceived in the year 2014 but officially launched in 2017. The idea behind Warisco’s business model was catapulted into limelight by our Principal Consultant/Managing Director, Mr. Walter Ondiek. Beforehand, Walter had worked for a multinational, agri-business food firm, followed by a two-year break to pursue a Master’s degree in Food Safety and Toxicology in New Zealand; one of the developed nations with advanced food safety and quality management systems. During his study and stay in New Zealand, Walter had opportunity to conduct research in China. Out of his experience with African food value chains and the lessons learnt in New Zealand and China, Walter, together with a team of competent Consultants, decided to launch Warisco Consulting Services.


   Warisco’s food safety programs target risks that are associated with unintentional food contamination while the food defense and food fraud programs are designed to assist food organizations or businesses to identify and mitigate  risks that are associated with intentional contamination and intentional deception. Our programs operate on a unique business model that target food safety challenges and the needs of participants in the food value chain; covering primary production, food manufacturing and processing, food distribution, food retail, and food preparation and consumption. Our food safety, food defense and food fraud business models have been designed to offer high class services at competitive cost to clients of various sizes- small, medium and large-scale operators. We work with individuals, businesses, NGOs, registered groups or cooperatives that grow, process, manufacture, distribute, serve or trade in food and food ingredients.


   Warisco offers training, auditing, advisory and implementation of GFSI’s Global markets programme, food safety standards, food defense threat assessment, food fraud vulnerability assessment as well as implementation of relevant food safety pre-requisite programs. The food safety standards we work on include: HACCP, FSSC 22000, Global G.A.P, BRC and ISO 22000. In addition to the above standards, we also offer services in Good Laboratory Practices and requirements of ISO 17025. We have partnered with experienced service providers to support our clients in implementing pre-requisite programs; defined as basic conditions and activities that are necessary for creating hygienic environment for production of safe food. We are working towards expanding the list of our PRPs, which currently include: cleaning and sanitation, personnel hygiene, pest management, water and wastewater treatment.


   On the other hand, Warisco’s Quality Management System (QMS) programs are based on ISO 9001:2015 principles and designed to serve clients in both food and non-food value chains. We also run stand alone trainings on root cause analysis and risk based thinking




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Food Defense and Food Fraud Assessment

Food Defense and Food Fraud assessment tools are vital to food firms that wish to develop food defense and food fraud control plans with the aims of fulfilling legal obligations, customer requirements and/or streamlining their operational systems. Specifically, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) now require organizations that are already certified to any of the GFSI approved schemes or those seeking certification in any of those schemes to perform food defense and food fraud vulnerability assessment and put in place appropriate control plans.


Our trainings are tailor made and categorized into ten groups to cater for the needs of various clients. These include over ten packages in food safety and five packages in quality management system (ISO 9001:2015). We also conduct trainings on good laboratory practices, basic food hygiene principles, root cause analysis and risk based thinking 

Our Trainings are now being offered either through virtual platforms or conventional method (normal classroom type). Virtual trainings are live events conducted by a Tutor through Ms Teams, Zoom or Google meet

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System Implementation & GFSI’s Global Markets Programme

Warisco’s Consultants have unrivalled expertise in food safety and quality certification schemes such as HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, Global G.A.P, BRC and ISO 9001:2015 and we use our expertise to support the firms that plan to undergo or in the process of certification. Our support can come in various forms: Gap audit, trainings, documentation and/or advisory. On the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI’s) Global Markets Programme, we support small and medium companies who lack or have less sophisticated food safety systems or with limited resources to establish and sustain a sound food risk management plan.  Through this programme, the businesses will be better positioned to access premium markets, manage food safety risks and contribute towards poverty reduction as they work towards certification to a GFSI recognized scheme 

Other Services

  •  System Certification

Warisco Consulting Services has partnered with PECB (A Canadian Headquartered Certification Body) to offer system and personnel certification services to our clients. PECB is accredited by International Accreditation Service (IAS)

  •  Auditing

First party audits, second party audits, pre-certification audits and GAP audits

  • Laboratory Analysis 

We have partnered with an accredited laboratory to support our clients with process analysis, product analysis, environmental analysis and calibration of measuring and monitoring equipment

  • Advisory



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Our Expertise

All our consultants are well educated; with minimum tertiary qualifications coupled with significant experience in a range of industries. Besides, our consultants are trained, certificated and practising Lead Auditors and Trainers. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable and up to date with the developments in food safety, food fraud, food defense and quality management systems. We know what FSMS and QMS requirements are and how to fulfil them. Talk to us!

Quality Service, Flexible Packages and Competitive Prices

Warisco consulting business believe that customers are entitled to value for their money. We treat quality of service, flexibility in packages and fair pricing as part of the value for money that we offer to our clients. Our Consultants have been in this field for considerable period and got good understanding of the impacts of the big three to our clients. We mean it!

Our Training Methodology

We give the best we can and stretch the ceiling and we have been told so! Our approach is to assist trainees, individually and collectively, to understand the requirements of the standards and how to implement them. We use relevant workshops, exercises and share some of the benchmarked best practices. Try us!

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Our Partners

Food Hygiene Pre-requisite Programs

Warisco has partnered with some of the leading service providers in their market segments. Through our partners, we support our clients in implementing and maintaining hygienic conditions that promote production of safe food. Our partners have expertise in: cleaning and sanitation, personnel hygiene, pest control, water and wastewater treatment programs

Upcoming Events

Food Fraud and Food Defense Assessment Tools

March, May, August, November, 2021. Nairobi, Kenya

Internal Auditor Course; HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and Global G.A.P



HACCP/Global G.A.P:

February, June, September 2021


ISO 22000:

March, May, July, September, November 2021


FSSC 22000:

February, April, June, August, November 2021

BRCGS/Food Safety/Hygiene Awareness Course


March, April, June, August and October 2021

Awareness, Refresher, Internal Auditor Course: ISO 9001:2015


Awareness/Refresher Training:

March, May, July, October, December 2021


Internal Auditor Training

April, June, August, November 2021



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